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Alan Woodrow Park | Retirement Villages

Alan Woodrow Park concept was conceived and developed under the auspices of the Catholic Order of the Knights of da Gama - a non-profit organisation.

The Order extends a personal invitation to you, to view the accommodation available and discuss your personal requirements.

What we offer | Alan Woodrow Park

The non-profit basis of establishing and managing, makes Alan Woodrow Park very unique among the non-subsidised retirement villages in South Africa.

Our delightful accommodation offers comfortable one or two bedroom apartments and 2 bedroom cottages with kitchen, yard. lounge/diner and patio.

You will find the rest of your life will be enjoyed in the company of the kindest people, who share your aspirations, opinions and pleasures.

Our Staff

You will also find a caring concern for your well being from our staff, who understand that you don't necessarily want to go to town to visit a hairdresser, library or doctor. People who understand that you would occasionally like to enjoy a meal without the bother of cooking and washing up. Above all, your village is well managed and properly maintained.

All these benefits and more will be yours when you move into any of the Alan Woodrow Park Homes.






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